Darling / Bagu

Ready and Waiting

For years, the highest compliment my son could pay a friend of ours went something like this: “In a Zombie apocalypse I’m going to choose Kevin (or Jon, or Brian) to be one of the four people I hole up with.” The chosen one would provide invaluable skills and traits, such as keen intelligence, calmness under pressure, cleverness with mechanical things, psychological insight, and above all, creative, out-of-the box thinking. I didn’t want to press the issue too hard (hey, what about me? I’m a good out-of-the-box thinker!), but I wasn’t ever sure I would be selected for the bunker. Then one day my son burst out with “Forget Zombies! What if we were blown back to the Stone Age: what skills do we have that would help us survive?”  Suddenly his computer skills weren’t so hot anymore and my prospects were looking better! I’ve always thought one of my best abilities was in jury rigging, making something out of nothing, coming up with endless possibilities with very few resources. Thus I present “Scrap!” a compilation of potentially useful (or maybe not) inventions made entirely of clementine crates. I think we’ll be able to scrounge for those in our post-apocalyptic world, in my basement, in your basement, in dumpsters here and there. We’ll be ready.