I have been drawn back time and again to Newfoundland.  Each time I have visited I have been struck by Newfoundlanders’ sardonic take on the world, a very particular blend of pragmatism, irony, and humor. Newfoundlanders bear witness to the effect of the sea/land balance being thrown askew. They have had a long history of bearing up under the crushing weight of their circumstances.  In the summer of 2018 I was invited for a two week artist residency at 2 Rooms in Duntara, Newfoundland. This residency afforded me the opportunity to plumb the questions closest to my heart. How do we proceed in this confusing mess of our beautiful world? How do we as global citizens face adversarial shifts without communities losing cultural integrity and individuals losing their souls? At 2 Rooms I began the work shown here entitled, “Float”.  It aims to reflect the coupled traits of fragility and resilience that I feel so strongly in Newfoundland.

View Float in action in Newfoundland and Maine